The story behind the laughter

From many years of performing improv comedy in bars, coffee shops, and wherever we could, the desire to have a place of our own intensified.

In May 2013, we signed the lease on a small space in downtown Tulsa. We named it “Comedy Parlor” and enjoyed hosting many great, local, independent comedic acts, including improv, sketch, and stand up comedy.

For the next four years, we saw the comedy community grow… a lot! The demands of operating a theater and bar, while producing shows and teaching classes, grew beyond our ability to service it well.  We needed to make a change; to refocus.

We immediately began looking for another place to call home, with less overhead; so we could focus on our passion of improv.

We were fortunate to find a place at 1526 S. Harvard Ave., that fit us perfectly. We started fixing up the place and opened Rabbit Hole Improv in November 2018.